The Hunter Speaks

"Orion Camera" by Sibokk
“Orion Camera”, a photo by Sibokk on Flickr.

The Orion Camera is a spur of the moment £4 purchase on eBay that takes 127 film.

Here are the stats:
Body: cheap plasitc
Lens: 50mm plastic lens, fixed focus at f11
Shutter: Bulb and 1/50
Film: 127 roll film

Nobody wanted this PoS camera so I gave it some love, and one of these days this camera will give me some love back.

I re-rolled some cheap colour Kodak ColorPlus 35mm film into my only 127 paper backing and set to work purely shooting with the flash on bulb.

Needless to say the results wouldn’t rival anything Nikon or Canon but they are very Lomo.

For best results with flash would be to use it in far less light but the next roll will be shot in daylight preferably strong sunlight for 200 film.

I think this would be a good ‘night out’ camera as long as you managed to hold onto the flash unit or used a smart phone flash as a torch.

More experiments to come!


4 thoughts on “The Hunter Speaks

    1. There’s a couple of ways I’ve experimented with and this version made the roll tightest but I’ve just thought of another way which I’ll use next time:

      First off keep a roll of paper backing, have couple of 127 spools and a few bits of sticky tape.
      – Cut the exposed end of a 35mm roll flat and tape it to the black back of the 127 paper backing where you tore off the 127 film but try to tape it as straight as you can.
      – In a darkroom or changing bag roll the paper backing with a 127 spool tightly by hand towards the taped 35mm film leader and roll on pulling the film out of the canister until you’re at the end of the paper.
      – Cut the film and put aside and finish up with a wee bit of tape to hold it together.
      – take the other 127 spool and feed the other end into the second spool and start to roll back again looking out for the 35mm film and make sure its fed into the paper.
      – once rolled remove the other spool and lightly tape the roll together and keep in a dark place until needed.

      Another way I’ve just thought of is to roll using a 127 film camera, that might make it even tighter.

      I hope that makes sense.


        1. These 127 cameras still have some life left in them. I guess you could cut some 120 backing paper down to size and use that.

          I’ve also used 35mm in an old Kodak 116 camera from the early 1900s. It makes photography fun again.


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