Edinburgh Street Photography Meet Up 2, Trip 35

Part 2. The Olympus Trip 35 takes the stage for a fairly brief session.

There weren’t many shots taken with the Trip 35 since the roll I was using actually came from a dead Canon SureShot:

The Canon ShureShot died a month or so ago while out trying some bad street photography.

None of the shots actually came to anything because the shutter release button wouldn’t fire properly or fire late or never fire again:

In total I think I had about 10 or 12 photos left on the roll but since I was trying remote flash I was automatically dropped down to 1/40 as the shutter speed. Not so good.

Flash during the day is one thing but to use flash during the sunniest days I’ve seen for a long time is quite another.

There was some sort of football thing going on in town that spilled over from some other place, I’m really not interested in football and the mind goes blank when I hear about it so I’ve no idea what it was about other than the names of the two teams.

This (below) was the first non-candid street portrait of the day or rather it kinda was but the shutter speed was so slow the image came out a tad blurry.

I really like handling the Trip 35 but I wish I had more control of the shutter speed as well as aperture.


Still more to come as they get developed.


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