Brown Sugar

"Kodak Brownie 2A" by Sibokk
"Kodak Brownie 2A", a photo by Sibokk on Flickr.

I had this guy marked for a good whacking. I thought that because there’s no front it was useless.

How wrong I was …

I didn’t expect anything from it hence my “F*CK OFF” tweet when I saw the negative on the spool.

Exposure was mostly wide open at whatever the shutter speed is (1/60 or 1/40?) or if there was very strong light I’d stop it down a notch.

I’ve no idea what the aperture ratings are for this guy but I was using 400 film so I’ll probably stick with 400 film in this guy from now on.

The exposures on the paintings was around 10 seconds with Delta 100 film lit solely by a single light bulb in my hall.

I expected shots more like this one at best (below)

Even to get something like this one would’ve been a surprise:

Not exactly the sort of photography gear you’d see real street photographers carry like Gilden, Charlie Kirk or Eric Kim using.

I’ll say this though, composing is hilarious because there’s no glass on the portrait view finder so all portrait orientated shots are just guesstimates.

A roll of Vericolor 3 is on the cards …


5 thoughts on “Brown Sugar

  1. That is really impressive. I fancy one of these for collodion work if I can suss it out. The last photo above with the woman is killer…I love the composition of it.


    1. Thanks Iain. Every negative a miracle with cameras this old.

      Collodion? That’s freakishly high on my list of things to do because I absolutely LOVE the look, so much so I put it in caps. I recommend following Bill Schwab on Flickr if you don’t already.


      1. Thanks for the recommendation, I have just checked him out and it’s fantastic. When visiting Alastair Cook in March, he was showing me his tintypes and what he has been using for portability…the Brownie box camera. They were beautiful…scans do no justice.


  2. Wow, you really know how to challenge yourself, especially considering how many dirt cheap box cameras are available. Instead you persevered with a ‘beater cam’ and got some great results – nice one!


    1. I think my entire collection of cameras could fall under the ‘Beater Banner’ especially the Mamiya Universal with the 120 back all taped up and now with a lens cap so the shutter doesn’t accidentally open and expose film in transit.

      With this one I had a roll I could spare and earlier that day I saw a video of a guy taking the front fascia off a similar model to reveal the only lens element is in the box itself.

      I really enjoy the weird stuff especially using them out of context or using them in a way they’re really not suited for.



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