Digitally Encased in Urbanite P&S

Running themes, motifs and a mini stupid rant, I think that’s what you could call this post.

With my family away up north for the week I feel I can slowly meander home without worrying about being late for tea thus taking a different less direct route.

I actually had four cameras with me yesterday but I totally ruined the Diana’s roll from light leaks and managed to forget to take the dark slide out of the Mamiya Universal (WTF?!) so I have literally no Urban footage from them. The other camera, the Halina Viceroy, is at-time-of-writing two shots away from completion.

So this post is all digital. I’d tried to use some of the Otto modes like Shutter Priority but it totally sucked because it seemed to over expose everything when I apparently like everything underexposed.

I did intentionally use flash a lot to try and make ordinary things look different but I also tried to use strong shadows from an unexpected sunny evening to frame stuff because I don’t see that as often as, well, everywhere else in the world.

I still really like using harsh shadows to frame things or people so having as much control over that as I can is important though my ‘manual’ mode still has a lot of Otto in it especially focusing with those shitty Lumix lenses. Even the Fuji XPro-1 has that shitty focusing ring nonsense in it’s range (it keeps spinning with no end in either direction).

In order to get a digital camera with the ability to (properly) manual focus it feels like you need to either get an ugly clunky DSLR or a Leica or maybe the Pentax K01 but its even uglier. All these systems are stupid expensive and way out of my price range.

I know the XPro-1 can use manual lenses but with a price tag of over £1000 just for the body and after having the hybrid viewfinder poke my eyelashes into my eye I’ll give it a miss. It’s film cameras all the way with my digital set up tagged as P&S.

Rant over.

bye for now!


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