Jupiter 12, 35mm and a Zorki 4k

A few weeks ago I bought a 35mm lens for my Russian Leica copy cameras. What I really mean to say is ‘camera’ because there was no way this lens was going to work in my FED 3 though some models of FED 3 are fine with it.

It’s a nice looking lens and its very wide, the widest lens for a film camera I have and it’s also the shortest I have, there lies the problem …

… my big fat sausages keep getting in the way!

It’s my left hand footering about with the focus.

Stupidity aside – I’m enjoying this lens a lot. It’s great to have all this space to play with and focusing then framing wasn’t as problematic as I thought.

I enjoy being able to shoot close. If I see it I can pretty much snap it without loosing my train of thought through repositioning.

I’m still seriously in love with Fuji’s Neopan 1600 and I wish I’d bought more when it was going for £16 or £17 per 5 pack. I see it going for way over £20 per 5 pack these days.

I might look into getting another brand of high speed film. I like shooting at these fast shutter speeds during the day with high DoF.

My only problem with using this lens is that I’ll need to get even closer for street photography. The 50mm Jupiter 8 is like a zoom in comparison and I’m not a big fan of street photography through long lenses. I did it myself when I first started but there is a noticeable disconnect that saps the life out of the photos. Hard to describe.

I was in the centre of Edinburgh at the weekend and outside Monsoon (my wife’s favourite shop) were two young guys performing music. One guy was on the guitar who occasionally did some singing bits while the other kid was rapping, I believe it was their own material because he was rapping about a girl in his maths class.

I dropped £1.20 into the guitar case and motioned with my camera. I got the nod and took a couple of photos though they didn’t come out as good as I thought they might.

Side Note: One thing I must do is get some freakin’ steel wool and de-silver my ID11, Multigrade developers and my fixative. They’re nearly completely dead.

Anyway that was the first test roll with my 35mm lens. I have a roll of Fuji Superia 200 in the Zorki at the moment and I’ve been taking some urban daylight flash photos on my way to work and back.

It’s weird using 200 speed film again but even weirder using my Kodak ColorSnap with 100 film and then a 1915 or so Kodak Authographic camera with 400 film in it.

I’ll ride out with a gallery as usual:


2 thoughts on “Jupiter 12, 35mm and a Zorki 4k

    1. Yes, I believe that is the case. When I was screwing it into the FED I was getting a little resistance. Then when focusing the rangefinder mechanism was unresponsive.

      Screwing it into the Zorki it went on smoothly and focused nicely.


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