What the hell is Urban photography? It’s such a broad brush I find it hard to narrow down and I guess everyone has their own idea of what it is.

If it covers everything within the confines of a man-made city or town then wouldn’t that cover everything in the daily lives of anyone living in a city/town including grassy parks full of trees and other ‘natural’ elements though planted by man?

This bullshit blog entry is about my experiments with urban photography.

I see it as a way of framing un-posed or found objects or scenes to create an image that is ‘interesting’ or, occasionally, out of context.

What I’m trying to do is get my eye to make something that isn’t necessarily there using shapes and tone. That sounds really pretentious when I read it back but I’d like to take what I like about abstract or constructivist paintings and put it into a photo.

I like symmetry because it feels nice to the eye but I also like dissonance and I’ve played with both in my old paintings with varying success/failure:

I also like angles like triangles and V’s or circles and curves and you’ll see a lot of that in my non-people urban/street photos.

I’ve recently went back to looking at ‘split framing’ where I’ve chosen to split the frame in half, thirds or quarters with different things happening in each area.

… and a little more of that idea here …

Something else I’ve been interested in are ‘Urban Vaders’, where I look for Darth Vader’s face across the city. Not an original idea because it’s very much in line with the ‘Hitler House‘ principal but not easy to find.

Another thing I like to look at is the integration of ‘nature’ into urban spaces. We live in islands of steel and stone but we still want to see trees, flowers and other things that remind us we are part of a real world or show these ‘green bits’ being imprisoned, stabbed or violated by the city.

Other times I shoot the ugly dullness of living in a city.

Anyway, find more urban photos in my Urbana Flickr set.


One thought on “Urbanite

  1. Really good post…gets the mind thinking. My TV shots have had me confused about what they really are, what are they categorised as, and why I shoot them.

    The Vader photos are great…a good laugh, and I really liked the split frame idea.


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