The Darkness Took Me … (again)

Part two of my home-made ‘darkroom’ (disaster).

It’s been a month since I made that mess and blogged about it. Two nights of mucking about that ended in ‘meh’. Though on the second night adjustments were made they were sadly cut short from a terrific headache and the said adjustments didn’t actually affect any change.

More bin liners were applied and adjusted, brown parcel tape is applied to the rear bicycle light to suppress as much rogue red light as possible. Yet the fog returns.

Below I experiment with contrast and exposure but since the paper is fogged, either by available light or aged paper, the blacks aren’t black and the whites would never be white.

I’ve tried to retain via scanning an accurate representation of how un-black the blacks are and how grey the whites are.

One thing I felt I had to do was keep the red light as far away from the images as possible but it didn’t help. I think the light leaks in the room were too extreme despite doing my best with the bin liners I had.

Stills in Edinburgh offer out darkroom space so I believe that’s my next step and I’ll keep the Durst Enlarger until we hopefully move into a larger house.

I’m not disheartened, quite the opposite so Stills it is.


3 thoughts on “The Darkness Took Me … (again)

    1. Hi Alex, I’ve been meaning to but I keep forgetting BUT, I’ll have next week to myself as my family are heading up north so I’ll be back in business. Darkroom 3!


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