Art Attack!

On Friday 13th I spent the day doodling and getting paid to do it.

One of the teams in the department I work for at the University who focuses primarily on eLearning development asked me to join them at an eLearning conference to try and shake up what could be seen as a serious affair with weird drawings and a few photos.

I was given an iPad to doodle on though I’ve only ever played with one maybe once or twice prior to the day. I’m not yet sold on iPads/tablet devices so it was a challenge.

It took a wee while to get to grips with the basics of the three iPad drawing apps I had to play with but I primarily stuck with Paper and Brushes because SketchBook had too many buttons that I couldn’t be bothered getting to know and I didn’t have time to either.

Brushes records every stroke you make and thus enables you to export the construction of the sketch as a video:

I didn’t just use the iPad, I brought some ‘manual’ tools with me as well and made some like this:

I cheated with that last one because I think I drew that around a few years ago and simply found it in my sketch pad.

It was all in good fun and was taken as such which was great.


The drawing style for the day was based on this drawing I made of Leo Sayer on Celebrity Big Brother a few years ago:


For more of this sort of thing head over to my old Flickr account.


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