Inspired by using the R72 filter on my GF1 and reading some bits and bobs online about converting digital cameras to see in Infra-Red I went at the Casio Exilim hiding in a drawer.

This is probably the worst camera to do such a task with because every photo almost seems to come out differently.

Due to the nature of the cameras continuous exposure metering style every new photo appears to be drastically different from the last.

Hacking up the Casio was an oddly time consuming affair. There were so many bits of plastic to unscrew and peel off that I quickly lost count. I decided halfway through to forget about even trying to put this thing back together properly.

As I finally made it to the flux capacitor I discovered how small the sensors are on these kinds of cameras. Freakishly small!
I finally used black duct tape to tape up the exposed circuit boards and loose wires.

As I mentioned, the variation of colour and tone is very random. As you can see below the camera with flash can produce some odd results with skin tones and, well, pretty much everything else with a magenta almost purple haze.

Below, you can see the difference between the original and altered white balance:

I took this shot (below) through my cheap R72 filter. Maybe more of that to come(?).

What I find odd is that some shots just look normal-ish. Then you realise the colour of the clothes are all wrong.

I’ll leave this post with some final photos of my wee experiment

The Casio Exilim Flickr Set


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