Streets of Aberdeen

For my week off at the end of March I popped up north to see family and, of course, shoot the place up.

With me I took a roll of Ilford SFX in the Mamiya C330, 4 sheets of Direct Positive paper with two other sheets of Fomapan 200 for the Crown Graphic and finally I had my GF1 digital camera.

I was planning on using the GF1 with the R72 filter to make test exposures so I didn’t ruin the roll of expensive SFX.

When I got to the city centre I used the GF1 like John Rambo as usual.


I couldn’t help myself …

In the city centre I somehow managed to struggle to find anything interesting enough too shoot with the Mamiya and the Crown Graphic.
I still don’t understand why. I ended up only taking 4 shots with the Crown and maybe 2 with the C330 …

… so I turned my sights to the streets on what turned out to be an amazing day of solid sunshine.

I’m still not sure why I do street photography as there are millions of people that do it better and are able to get really close, though I somehow managed to get quite close on that day.

Getting close has and always will be a problem for me but I reckon the GF1 made it easier that day.

I don’t think many people noticed me if at all which I found quite odd. I usually feel quite self conscious attempting any candid street work.

I think it also helped I was using the 14mm – 42mm lens at 14mm though I did occasionally switch it up by going to 42mm or dropping to the iPhone here and there. I only have 50mm lenses for my FED 3 and Zorki but I’d like a 28mm or 35mm some day.

In a perfect world where I’m stupid rich and didn’t need to worry about work and childcare I’d pop on a plane and attend one of Eric Kim’s ‘streetog’ workshops to get me comfortable shooting on the street. I love Eric’s work and especially Two Cute Dogs who appears to help out more and more these days.

But it would force me to face the fact that I still don’t know what it is I want to say or express about this kind of photography or in my other photos. I do ponder a lot and worry about our modernity in a 2001 kind of way but do we need to have a definitive direction or goal with what we do?

‘Yes’ is probably the correct answer, I just don’t know.

Anyway … I’m still not sure if I want to feel comfortable taking photos on the street. I think the reason I do take photos on the street is to make me as uncomfortable as possible, taking the proverbial bus trip out of Comfort City, and making me try to compose on the fly.

I’ve only been ‘trying out’ photography as a proper hobby since mid 2011 as before that and at art college in the 90’s I was mainly painting and drawing weirdo pictures and photography was just a distraction from it …

… so I’ve still to get my head around how to compose a decent photograph and get round to reading a few books on it. Anyway, I’ve rattled on a wee bit too long so I’ll finish off with a few other shots from that day.


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