“The Darkness Took Me …”

While the cat’s away the mice will construct a temporary yet wholly inadequate darkroom to print some really foggy pictures.

It has actually been around 16 years since I’d last done any photographic printing using an enlarger and all that jazz.
How one forgets.

For the first run I chose the worst photo possible so I quickly gave that up and chose something slight better but still terrible (below).

I was fumbling about with some sliders on the side though I didn’t know what they did. I believe they are used to lower the projected contrast as they were making the prints really flat looking.

My safelight wasn’t very safe even though I never pointed it directly at or barely indirectly at anything outside of a fixer bath. One other thing that certainly didn’t help was the lack of sufficient light sealing in the bathroom.

I didn’t actually keep track of my timings but I will tonight for round 2.

More to come …


6 thoughts on ““The Darkness Took Me …”

  1. I’m with James, these look great.

    I think a friend of my friend owns Elephant Juice Soup Company. I’ll need to check with him.


  2. I’m with James, these look great. My mate in Aberdeen’s mate apparently owns Elephant Juice Soup Co. I’ll need to check with him.


    1. they lack a solid black in more successful shots and the whites are fogged. I don’t think it’s the paper so I think the light leaks n the room caused the fogging and have taken away the whites.

      I’m about to set up again for tonights session so I’ll see how I do now.


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