Urban Positive Paper Retrospective

Camera: Graphlex Crown Graphic
Lens: Graphlex Optar 162mm
Film: Ilford Direct Positive Paper

This was my first successful Direct Positive paper shot with the Crown Graphic (until I find the other once I did and see how bad they are).

I gave myself a wee photo-walk on Friday 16th of March starting up by the Royal Infirmary and heading into town.

I caught this one (below) by the entrance to a road up to a recycling/tip.

I wrote a wee bit of blurb about the shot on the images Flickr page. Here’s a paraphrased highlight:

I really wanted to the grass to be the focus as soon as I looked through the ground glass and saw the grass looking 3D in that way a ground glass can make things look so I went with it. I’d decided against the trees as the focus of the image though it’s hard for them not to be.

I wish I had just a little more in the middle, but not much more, and I knew I would easily get those two forward trees OK. In the middle was a nice arrangement of twisted trunks and leaves and I think just a little hint of them would make it even more creepy.

To me, what I finally got looks like a staged scene with positioned lights though in reality I was lucky to have any light left. It was also raining a little and quite late in the day.

Some of the other shots on that wee walk are listed in my FED Extra post.


2 thoughts on “Urban Positive Paper Retrospective

    1. Sorry for the confusion Alex, I was using a paper developer Ilford Multigrade at 1+9 but I was recycling Flickr camera info from another photo and forgot to change the developer details. They’ve been corrected now.

      When I bought my enlarger it came with two bottles of Ilford Multigrade but I’d also just bought a bottle of it myself before I got it so I’ve got nearly 3L of the stuff!

      I like how I can shoot on paper and develop and fix in around 2 minutes.



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