Direct Paper Prints

Camera: Graphlex Crown Graphic
Lens: Graphlex Optar 162mm
Film: Ilford Direct Positive Paper

I’ve finally gotten round to using some of the 5×4 paper I got with the Titan package though I’ve mainly been using it in the Crown Graphic.

I’ve also now earned my passage to large format by photographing some flowers with a big camera.

The photo below was taken with a Kodak Ektar lens, f7.7 – f45 using my home made card lens-board on Direct Negative paper. I went f45 on that shot with a little bit of horizontal tilt.

Here we go with the other Direct Negative papers. I think I’ll have to limit the amount of paper negatives I develop to two at a time from now on after these shots.

First up is something I’m doing more and more. setting up the shot, metering then forgetting to set the aperture before firing.

More developing anomalies …

I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying more Direct Positive paper in the future. I have a couple of Negative papers still to shoot but I’ve got a stash of exposed positive papers still to develop somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Direct Paper Prints

  1. Interesting stuff – even the ghosting. Got a laugh from your comment about shooting flowers with a LF camera, too.


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