Giving the iPhone Some Love

Drink Coke, iPhone by Sibokk
Drink Coke, iPhone, a photo by Sibokk on Flickr.

Camera: iPhone 4
App: Camera+

I’ve been ignoring the iPhone of late, replacing its duties with my other digital camera, the GF1, for P&S fire-and-forget tasks.

So while out this morning with my Crown Graphic, Titan Pinhole, Zeiss Ikon Nettar and FED 3 I decided to give the iPhone a chance.

The streets in town were in a frenzy perhaps because of St. Patricks Day, silly Guinness hats everywhere, or maybe there was a rugby match on.

Not that I’d know about popular sports like Rugby and that other ball sport I seriously can’t stand.

I only follow boxing and, to me, all other sports are pretty boring in comparison unless you caught the Alexander/Bradley fight a last year or anything that involves a Klitschko.

I did give the iPhone some love earlier in the week when taking buses here and there, not something I do often since the prices went from £1.30 a journey to 3 Billion Dollars!

Anyway, that’s the iPhone seen to for a wee while. Now back to film …

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