Camera Collection

I’ve been asked this a few times now – “how many cameras do you have?”.
I’d posted a list on my Blurp page but I thought I’d revise the list as some of the plastic-fantastic’s have been released back into the pond for plastic cameras (charity shops).

My original list was listed in order of ‘date obtained’ but I’ve recently lost track of when these camera’s have magically appeared in my flat so goes the updated list:

01 Pentax K1000, Single Lens Reflex (35mm)
This was my first ‘proper’ camera given to me by my Dad maybe late ’80s/early 90s. Still very much serviceable but I seem to take rubbish photos with it.

02 Casio Exilim, Digital P&S
I used this during my photographic lull. It’s pretty crap and slow to do anything.

03 iPhone 4, Digital P&S
This is always with me and good for quick snaps here and there but not so hot on quality.

04 Diana F+ replica, Lomography (120 roll/Instax Mini)

I fell in love with this lass when I got it then out and then in again with the Fuji Instax Mini. She’s been a wee bit neglected of late so I’ll have to go pinhole with it very soon.

05 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1, Digital Single Lens Reflex

I often joke about using this camera like an uzi but it’s true. With no viewfinder I struggle to compose shots properly and although the stock lens (14mm-42mm) is fine on Otto the manual focusing is absolutely horrendous(!) even worse when you add the 45mm-200mm lens that struggles to focus at all manual or Otto!

06 FED 3, Rangefinder (35mm)

I love this fairly simple camera. Its my first rangefinder and first camera with no lightmeter or metering guide. It has a curved body that’s very Leica but since it’s a Leica copy something had to be similar.

07 Halina Viceroy, Twin Lens Reflex (120 roll)

Hard to go wrong with this camera with its fixed focus and limited options but I have. I’m thinking of selling it on due to running out of space at home but it’ll be a sad day if and when it does go.

08 Zorki 4K, Rangefinder (35mm)

My second ever rangefinder, much like the FED, but this came with the faster Jupiter 8 lens. This guy looks and feels the part.

09 Mamiya Universal, Rangefinder (120 roll)

This is a beast. It’s huge and I have a 6×9 120 roll back and a Polaroid back for the Fuji Pack-Film. I’ve had a few problems with light leaks on shots, either from the 120 back or a problematic shutter but when it works it feels awesome and can take amazing photos.

10 Polaroid Mini Portrait, Instamatic (Fuji FP100 film)

A spur of the moment purchase that takes, as you’d expect, 4 portrait shots on frame of Polaroid or Fuji Pack-Film. Of course, you can blank any of the four lenses to take multiple shots plus you have some exposure options with Bulb, 1/60 and 1/125 shutter speeds and f8-f22 aperture control.

11 Polaroid 80 (can’t find any freakin’ film!), Instamatic
Sadly, I haven’t fired a shot in anger with this thing due to the scarcity of 80 film.

12 Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2 (120 roll)

For a camera initially designed and released in 1937 this camera is very sharp and extremely functional. The shutter works perfectly at all shutter speeds and takes 6×9 120 negatives. It looks ace too!

13 Olympus Trip 35, sorta P&S (35mm)

A wonderful wee camera that’s excellent for street photography with its simple zone focus system, Otto exposure option and wide 28mm lens. I love night tripping with this guy with TMax 3200 film.

14 PC-606, P&S (35mm)

I’ve only taken this guy out once or twice. A very basic freebee plastic fixed focus (f8) camera that boasts a hotshoe that doesn’t work.

15 Polaroid 104 Land Camera, Instamatic (Fuji FP100 film)

This was my first Polaroid camera and although it isn’t reliable in bright light it’s fine indoors with an electronic Xenon flash even though it came with a bulb unit (?).

16 Olympus Trip XB40 AF, P&S (35mm)

I saw this for £2.99 in an Oxfam charity shop and it bore the name ‘Olympus Trip’ so I had to buy it. For a P&S it’s OK, basic but the flash almost always fires.

17 Polaroid OneStep, Instamatic (SX-70/600 Pack Film)

This was my first Integral Polaroid film camera. I’ve only had 600 film through it though so everything was pretty much over exposed though exposure was dialled down. If I ever feel rich enough I’ll buy some Impossible Project SX70 film and see what it can do but it might also be given away as I now have a 600 camera.

18 Smena Symbol, View Finder (35mm), broken!

I love this camera. The lens is really nice for this kind of camera but it’s not had a good track record. I think this is the only purchased camera that’s had major issues but sadly it’s not working again so I might have to try some home-hacking to get him back to work.

19 Pentax Zoom 105-R, P&S (35mm)

I haven’t used this guy yet. I have the batteries I have film but I’m struggling to be inspired to use it.

20 Bencini Comet S, RangeFinder (127 Roll Film)

This guy needs to be taken to a bright and hot country to use with its slow f11 lens and limited shutter speed options: Bulb or 1/50. It also uses 127 film which is expensive to piss away on failed shots.

21 Smena 6, View Finder (35mm)

Although I’d rate this guy behind the Symbol I do love this camera for the sheer randomness of the film advance knob. You’ve no idea what you might get.

22 Regulette, View Finder (35mm)

I’ve only put one roll through this camera but it feels more like a point and shoot with a few extra levers AND it’s all in feet so a wee bit alien for me to do the meter conversion in the brain.

23 Bencini Koroll II, View Finder (120 Roll)

Although I’ve had a rocky start with this camera I do like it. A half frame 120 camera with very few options it’s still interesting to use.

24 Halina Anastigmat, View Finder (35mm)

The lens on this camera came off in my hand when I was focusing so I’ve still to try and get the lens back on and registered correctly. Otherwise it feels very sturdy.

25 Minolta AF, P&S (35mm)

Hasn’t been used yet.

26 Canon AF, P&S (35mm)

Hasn’t been used yet.

27 Ricoh AF Multi, P&S (35mm)

Hasn’t been used yet.

28 Boots Mini Grip, P&S (110 Film)

Hasn’t been used yet and I’m not sure I’ll try out 110 again.

29 Traveller AF-Zoom 115, P&S (35mm)

A generic P&S camera that’s fairly forgetable.

30 Traveller AF-Zoom 80, P&S (35mm)

Hasn’t been used yet.

31 Samsung Fino 70SE, P&S (35mm)

Another fairly forgettable P&S.

32 Harman Ilford ‘Titan’, Pinhole (5×4)

This is an awesome, sharp, basic but WIDE pinhole camera. If I had a list of favourite cameras this would be pretty high.

33 Polaroid Impulse

With it’s built in flash this makes Instant shooting much easier. I love it!

34 Crown Graphic, Large Format (5×4)

A truly amazing camera that’s just beautiful to use and even more beautiful to look at.

35 Mamiya C330, TLR (120)

An amazing camera and like the Crown Graphic it’s beautiful lo look at and use.

36 Cosina CSR, SLR (35mm)

This guy has the fastest lens I’ve ever used, f1.7, and as far as SLRs go it’s pretty amazing but I’ve not seen much love aimed at it online.

I would say at one point my collection was well into the 40’s (plus) but I’ve showed some restraint by giving back to charity but I’d also given away the Bronica to Cyber-Chum Iain Kendall.

I don’t see anything I necessarily want or desire at the moment so maybe G.A.S has peaked but I’m sure there’s something round the corner that’ll dig it’s hooks into me.


9 thoughts on “Camera Collection

  1. Very nice and varied collection – great blog post! I intend to blog a few wee profiles on my cameras and lenses some time too. I think it’s normal to have a bit of G.A.S. and explore the world of vintage cameras. You can’t beat getting a proper hands-on and shoot a few rolls to figure out what works best for you and it’s relatively cheap to do so. Then comes the time to shrink the collection, I think I’m going to struggle with that bit!


  2. Simon, I think you may have a small problem…..on an unrelated note when you put a price on the Halina Viceroy, Twin Lens Reflex let me know. I have unexpectedly come into 10 rolls of 120 film and other than a Holga that I am not mad about I have nothing to shoot it with.

    That is one hell of a collection. I find I am a bit indecisive about what camera to use sometimes and I only have three….


    1. Yeah, I think I do but I think I’m almost over it. I found I was just whoring myself in my harem not getting to know them personally, likes/dislikes favourite films etc.

      I do have favourite cameras that I’ll take out more than others but they will all get some loving, eventually.

      I would point out that the Viceroy is MUY (MUY) basic and is basically a Holga before Holga. Fixed Focus, limited exposure options (1/60 and Bulb meets f8, f11 and f16).

      If you still wanted it I’d only charge postage, recorded to make sure it got there OK.


    1. Hi Jim.
      The Universal is a great camera but it’s also what I’ve seen termed as a ‘beater-cam’. It’s all dinged up and I’ve even went a whole roll with only one exposed negative (1 out of 8) due to leaks from the 120 back.

      The Zeiss was about £15 from eBay!

      The deals are there but it’s not always gonna work out.



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