First Impressions with Fomapan 200

Camera: Graphlex Crown Graphic
Lens: Graphlex Optar 162mm
Film: Fomapan 200

Developing: ID11 (Stock) for 6 minutes

So far, Fomapan has been OK, though, the anti-halation backing has proven to be a little more stubborn than other films that use it and can often stain through the negative. A minor gripe.

My other gripe would be the fairly steep reciprocity fall off for longer exposures. I’d left the Titan in an empty lecture theatre with the lights on medium, slightly dim, for 2 hours and hand very little to show for it.

I’ve had similar exposures in less light with Ilford Delta 100 and still managed to get a very usable negative so I think I’ll just keep the Fomapan for shots that require shorter exposure times.


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