Mamiya C330, Awesome Camera

Mamiya C330, Kodak Ektachrome 100 Plus XPro as C41

This is the second roll I’ve ever put through this camera and I’m blown away. I freakin’ love it so much.

I decided to have these shots cross processed in C41 chemicals to see how they’d look after seeing the Bronica shots.

It feels so nice to handle, much nicer than the Bronica.

I’ve got some Fomapan 400 in the camera just now so I’m looking forward to seeing how that looks

Once the Fomapan is done it’ll be time for some Ilford SFX red sensitive or near-infrared film!


3 thoughts on “Mamiya C330, Awesome Camera

  1. Glad you’re loving your C330! (I’m loving my Yashica Mat, need to post some photos soon). The results look really great, especially considering they’re cross processed – the colour is surprisingly good! I really love the picture of Anna the most; great composition and I love how she’s facing out of the frame into the light source.


    1. Thanks James, you should definitely post a couple I’d love to see them.

      It was difficult shooting inside with 100 speed film with just light from the window but I’m happy enough with them.


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