Portobello Beach, a Day in Pictures

For my first full day off away from the family I headed over to Portobello Beach, a familiar photo-haunt of mine.

The day started nicely with a lovely skyline, then after I watched an interesting documentary on Street Photography in Japan tweeted by JapanCameraHunter I took 17,000 cameras with me to Portobello but only managed to use 4: Crown Graphic, Mamiya C330, Zeiss Ikon Nettar and my GF1 digital P&S.

It was a bit cold, dreary and overcast but I found a few interesting things to shoot.

It was interesting to see the level of decay down by the beach front, I would’ve thought that would be prime real estate eagerly awaiting development.

I did succumb to the obvious and the staple of a large format shooter stuff poking out of the water!

I did manage to draw someone to the Crown Graphic, the girl drawing in the title shot. I think that’s been almost every time I’ve been out with the CrownG someone has chatted with me about it.

I’ve managed to hold back my Flickr assault from the day and will drip the ones I like best as the week goes. I have a few Crown Graphic 5×4’s still to develop and a roll of Fomapan 400 but I’m struggling to find a definitive developing time for Foma with stock ID11.

Until then, keep shooting film.


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