Portraits, a Flickr Gallery (part 01)

fomapan 100 ftw!Matthew LambSelf Portrait, Clear Glass Ambrotype….LeonRin
Janine 11Stockhlm dudekatieIn Shadow
Michael Raso on 8x10 PolaroidLauren & Strudel on Polaroid 8x10Erinamarta med vind i håret

Portraits 01, a gallery on Flickr.

I favourite a lot of images n the course of a month and I’m becoming fascinated with the portrait. View each portrait on flickr individually by clicking the thumbnail or click the Portrait 01 link to see them as a Flickr Gallery.

I’ve basically used Flickr’s gallery tool to accumulate the highlights of work I’ve been clicking favourite on across my time on The Flickr.

These portraits are the high watermark to aim for in my own personal search and if I even get close to the quality here I’d be a lucky man.

I’ve tried to annotate each photo to try and explain why I liked it or why I chose it for the gallery. The reasoning might come across as nonsense but I’m sure it made sense to me at least at some point.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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