Birthday Weekend – Featuring Cosina CSR

Camera: Cosina CSR
Lens: Cosinon Auto f1.7/50mm
Film: Kodak TMax 3200

Around the end of February is a trio of birthdays in my family. My brother and I are a day and three years apart and my wife is six days prior.

Anyway, we all congregated at my parents house up north in the Shire (Aberdeenshire) and had a wee celebration.

It was only for one night but guess how many cameras I took with me? Four. Is that really necessary?

The foot in the photo is my Dads, bandaged up while recovering after a knee replacement operation.

This series of photos were, as the title suggests, taken by the Cosina CSR which is an SLR camera that came with a stock 50mm f1.7 lens, the fastest lens I own.

I’ve repeatedly thought and maybe blogged or tweeted I’m not a fan of SLRs but this one seems to deliver quite well.

The film I used was Kodak’s TMax 3200 because I thought the lights would be low most of the time so I needed that extra punch from the 3200 speed film coupled with the f1.7 lens.

The other cameras I had were the Crown Graphic, Smena 6, Zeiss Ikon Nettar, Mamiya C330 and the Cosina.

I developed the roll under the normal conditions for stock ID11, 14 minutes.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend – Featuring Cosina CSR

    1. Thank you Rohm31, I also really enjoy using it.
      Votre anglais est meilleur que mon français parce que je dois utiliser Google Translate à interpréter!

      Sorry for Google’s bad French (if it is).



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