Portraits, Crown Graphic and Adox CHS 100

Camera: Graphlex Crown Graphic
Lens: Graphlex Optar 162mm
Film: Adox 100

Exposure: 1/2 at f4.5
Developing: ID11 (Stock) for 8 minutes 30

This was a portrait attempt of my brother, Graeme, and Anna except Anna wasn’t in the mood to sit still for a 1/2 second exposure.

I’d actually taken two photos but Anna’s face in the other shot made her look like The Elephant Man so I didn’t scan it.

I pushed the film a few stops so I could guarantee some detail here and there but I was sure I had made the exposure fairly even for the little amount of light I had.

I also attempted a portrait of my Mother (below) but, alas, she moved her head as I took the shot despite me telling her not to move an inch.

I don’t have one of my Dad, which I’m annoyed about, but I do have a couple on other cameras whose film I still have to get processed (E6 slide).

Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to scanning some 35mm TMax 3200, at time of writing, drying in the bathroom from my Cosina CSR (fingers crossed). I’m digging the Cosina very much.

more to come …


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