Tripping with the Trip 35

I’ve been out a few times with the Trip 35 loaded with Kodak TMax 3200 and I’ve even tried pushing the film or no real need nor reason (unless a child creates a situation during development).

I’ve been mainly Night Tripping for the most part but there are a few from early morning light and mid-day. Mid-day light? are you mad? No, I live in Scotland!

If you don’t know what I mean because you live somewhere that gets sun, think ND16 on that guy in the sky and you’re getting close.

We do get to the see the sun every now and then but that’s usually by mistake and is quickly rectified in a few hours.

During the day or early morning I usually set the Trip 35 to ƒ22 and at night I open it up to ƒ2.8. Pretty simple really.

Now, pushing 3200 film, with ID11 anyway, gives you some insane grain so be aware of that if that’s not what you’re into. I love it.

Like I said, things can easily go your way during the day. The mechanical shutter speed is 1/40 which is pretty slow for ‘street work’, not that I really know anything about that, and is too slow for lots of movement.

For ‘Still Life’ it’s fine.

Keep shooting and keep believing in film.

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