Saturday’s Photo-Stroll

On Saturday I dragged my decrepit ill body out of pit with the family for a walk into town while managing to bring 4 cameras with me. As you do, or at least I do.

I had my Crown Graphic (Adox 100), Titan Pinhole (didn’t use it), Cmena 6 (super slow duplicating slide film rated 12ASA by me so it could be anything!) and the recently fixed – Cmena Symbol (Kentmere 400).

I saw this tree from the bus in the morning though I have actually been seeing it for weeks ever since that windy day when my tenements 10ft. chimney was blown off the roof.

Before I got to the tree I saw this building which had been hit with an amazing setting sunlight on Broughton Place …

Sadly, I think I nudged the camera thus making the image wobbly which I’m very unhappy about but I did then hit it with a double Cmena.

Any way, on the way home from town, and starting to feel like I was an extra from Walking Dead, I met up with the tree.

While standing up there setting up and taking the shot(s) – another Cmena pincer attack – I got an interesting view of the street below.

I must admit, I never stop and look around any more. It was wonderful seeing the city life bustling past and get to watch a very large rottweiler take a massive turd then pester other smaller dogs.

Sadly, I managed to underexpose the shot a little but there was still enough detail to render an image (I think about 20-30 seconds at ƒ32.

After this shot I wandered of to shoot the horizon and the trees by the Holyrood pond where I got my ‘row’ for not taking a generic sunset landscape but I actually had.

Until next time – keep shooting!


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