Trees by Holyrood Pond, Crown Graphic – Adox 100

Camera: Graphlex Crown Graphic
Lens: Graphlex Optar f4.5 162mm
Film: Adox 100

Development: ID11 for 7 minutes
Exposure: f32 for 1 minute 20 seconds

As I was walking home after shooting the skyline when this scene caught my eye. There was nearly zero light by now but the fading light bouncing off the pond that framed the group of trees convinced me to stop.

The problem I now had was being able to focus in such poor light. The focus of the photo was supposed to be the trees but I didn’t have a strong torch with me to illuminate them to aid focusing so they ended up looking rather ‘soft’. The softness could also be down to the wind that was growing in strength wobbling my (crappy cheap) tripod a little.

I did get a shouted at by a lady for not taking a photo of the skyline behind me. I shouted over that I was using black and white film, the sky was quite orange, and that I’d already got one. She felt my answer was satisfactory and replied with a contented “good” then walked on. I could have scolded her for walking through the exposure with her friends but I left it be.

I like this shot better than the skyline even if it is a wee bit soft.


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