Bronica Zenza S2A with Fuji Astia 64T

Camera: Bronica Zenza S2A
Lens: NIkkor-P.C, f2.8 75mm
Film: Fuji Astia 64T

I really liked the Bronica Zenza S2a despite it not being able to properly advance the film but alas it’s now become unreliable in the focus department. Time for a major CLA.

When focusing it the camera actually captures everything way behind what the view finder said you were focusing on.

Flickr user lebigwhopper hinted at a problem with the seating of the mirror giving a false reading so I’ll have to look online for any other hints on fixing it.

The Fuji Astia looks nice. The stock is quite slow and leans toward blue but over all I quite liked it.

Until I fix it or get it fixed I think the Bronica will be sitting on the shelf especially since I now have the Mamiya C330 again.

More picture here (if posting to the blog from Flickr lets me):


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