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It’s been a wee while since I posted anything so I thought I’d start with a wee update regards my Crown Graphic.

I’m so into this camera its insane. I fumble around with the leavers and knobs like an excited child not knowing which one to twiddle first.

I was waiting for 50 sheets of Fomapan 400 to arrive from AG-Photographic to load up and empty like Rambo from First Blood Part 2 (again) but sadly they stopped buying in that type of film due to quality control issues.

The order has now morphed into 50 sheets of ADOX art 50ASA, yet to arrive. 50 sheets for £30.

I became impatient for the film to arrive and desperate to shoot the Crown G. I managed to find myself in town one Friday afternoon with free time so I bought 25 sheets of 5×4 Ilford HP4Plus 125ASA for just shy of £30 with my university discount at Jacobs Digital. Jacobs Digital? Yes. Jacobs Digital.

All these photos were taken using that film stock.

For my first trip out with the camera I went to a wee pond called St. Margaret’s Loch in Holyrood Park:

This is where I shoot swans, not in the face I may add, and this is where I started with the Crown Graphic.

(Below) was the first frame of the day and my first ‘real’ portrait of my family, a portrait where I asked them to stand still and not move, though not everyone complied.

Like James Pearson had said, it captures Anna’s personality – very true, a rabid wee monster! – and I was presented with the alien-ness of using the ground glass during the day without an effective dark cloth. I ended up using my scarf to create a South Park-esque ‘Kenny’ mask.

I now have a Loupe to help with focusing but I’m still quite clumsy but I guess that’s the whole point – slow down!

I flippantly posted on Twitter “Just got 25 sheets of Ilford FP4Plus for the Crown Graphic. I wonder how long this will last?” expecting to blow it all in a weekend but the reply from @JohnMilleker was very true:

“Longer than you think! I thought the same when I purchased my 4×5 film. Even less the larger you go”

This is just the beginning of a fantastic journey into something else. Something wonderful, I hope.

These negatives were developed using ID11 (stock) for 8 minutes 30 seconds and fixed for 5 minutes in Ilford’s Rapid Fixer (1+4 dilution).

I’ve shot a couple on Direct Positive paper but I haven’t yet gotten round to ruining them by over developing in my, probably dying, ID11 developer.


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