365 Project the Lazy Way

365 Project the Lazy Way a video by Sibokk on Flickr.

Back in March 2011 Idownloaded the Everyday App on my iPhone and have been snapping away every month, I’ll say month rather than day as I’ve missed a few here and there.

I think it might’ve been a paid app but very cheap but essentially it creates a visual diary for as long as you have space on your device (or some undetermind soft limit the programmers failed to mention).

This is just a rough sample or work in progress. It’s just my face with a few special guests but even for a few months its interesting to see how scruffy I really am plus the thumbnail on Flickr is horrendous.

I guess its also quite a vain thing to do though I wouldn’t consider myself as being vain (scruffy, no style, no taste in clothes, nothing to shout about).

It is interesting to see the time passing though.

This is my first Flickr to WordPress post so hopefully it makes sense

Via Flickr:
This is the lazy way of doing a ‘shot a day’ 365 project type thing. I started in March 2011 so only a couple of months to go.


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