Pinhole Update

Slide film is something I’ve been shooting with for some time now but its only recently I’ve been getting them developed as slides. It’s quite something to hold a positive strip of film in your hand.

It’s something else to hold a 5×4 slide though.

The problem I had taking some of these shots was the wind up north. About 3 or 4 were very blurry.

I’ve only scanned a few shots so far because I have an Epson V500 that doesn’t scan 5×4 so its a wee bit tricky getting the registration right in order to piece them together.

I haven’t yet seen any colour 5×4 photos taken with the Titan pinhole camera but it certainly takes a lovely dreamy photo and I’ve been lucky with most of the exposures.

The small tree line shots were tricky again because of the wind. The first one was the Ektar 100 which was blown about a bit so I went Delta 100 for a more stable shot using the eBay film I keep talking about but actually really liked (below).


When I was up north I found I kept starting long exposures in low-ish light roughly around the time of day light falls quickest. Starting a 40 minute exposure as the light fades isn’t the best idea but I managed to get something here.


This Ektar 100 shot was from the first outing with the camera and almost identical (actually it is) to another using Delta 100.


This one was me trying to test the limits of exposure against virtually bugger all light. There is an image there, albeit faint, and its hard to believe it took around 10 hours to make.


I’m looking forward to trying out some exposures on 400 speed film when it comes for the Crown Graphic.

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