Night Flash 2

I think this might actually be turning into a project but I guess I have little choice this time of year since it gets dark just after it gets light.

I’m not sure what the ‘rules’ might be for this project. Will it be flash only or will it just be night shooting in general?

So far I’ve been roving around with my GF1, Cosina CSR, FED 3, Zorki 4K and Olympus Trip 35. One or two cameras.

My film of choice so far has been Kentmere 400ASA which was a film I knew Aware of the void was very keen on and I was looking for another film to try.

So far I’ve very much enjoyed using the Kentmere film and I’ve been pushing its development times from 9 minutes 30 seconds stock for 400 speed film up to around 14 minutes which should be equal to around 800 – 1600ASA.

I have placed an order for a few rolls of 800 speed film which may pose problems for me because I’ve been mainly shooting 400 speed film so adjustments are necessary.

Most of my flash people shots have been pretty ‘safe’, shooting from the side or behind, but this is part of the process to get me comfortable with shooting in a way that will get you very noticed.

A few years ago I remember having my portrait taken candidly on the street using flash at night. The photographer stepped out from behind someone at the top of Broughton Street as I was passing and hit me with the flash.

At first I was WTF? but when I looked back I couldn’t make out who’d done it then I just went on about my business and thought nothing off it.

One thing I am able to do is see the shots my shriveled cajones won’t let me take. This is good and bad. Good that my eye has caught something I find interesting and I’m able to visualise the shot and see it as a print but bad because I missed it by experiencing it rather than shooting it.

One thing that will be aiding me now is the remote flash unit I bought on Amazon, iShoot.

The system works fine for any camera with an active hot-shoe and old cameras too via a PC connector adapter but in order for it not to short out on the cold-shoe you have to lay down some tape first. A minor problem but fixable.


Anyway, I’ll finish this by saying I’ve finally bought a Crown Graphic 5×4/4×5 large format camera. I’d made a decent amount of cash selling stuff on ‘The Bay’ and was able to finally afford it.

Now I need film and more Double Dark slides.


4 thoughts on “Night Flash 2

    1. What was it you didn’t like about Kentmere?

      I’ve noticed it can be a wee bit flat sometimes but that might just be the way I’m exposing it.

      I’m excited about using different B&W film stocks, something I haven’t done for a long time. I don’t have a favourite yet though TMAX is next.


  1. Great post Simon, thanks for the link! I am very curious about the remote flash thingy you bought. I have an SB-900 that I got for my Digital a couple of years ago and I would maybe like to give it a try with the film cameras. I have never had much success with it on the camera so that little bit of off camera may be just what I want to try.
    I am very impressed with these results…


    1. Thanks Brendan.
      I hope you’re able to use your flash with it OK. I got a couple of flash guns with a box of cameras but they did’t work with it but you should get a rough idea from the list of models mentioned on Amazon or their site.


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