The Shire

I maybe mentioned this in other posts but I went up north for Christmas this year and took more bloody cameras with me than clothes (unverified).
This converted my horrible little car into a heavy goods vehicle.

The drive up wasn’t so bad as I’d just downloaded episode 51 of the FPP podcast and all the way past Perth I was chased by a beautiful ray of light (above).

Anyway, I made it to Aberdeen to stay one night, pick up the family to then head out to Hicksville (Aberdeenshire).

The stay was great as always but also frustrating as there wasn’t a bed for the bean (Anna) so bedtimes were über harsh.

Having her sleeping with us the whole time made the nights very long which also meant I was really tired during the day. This impacted on how badly I was shooting with the Mamiya Universal. Very few shots came out like I thought they would.

I did enjoy playing with coloured filters with Ilford HP5 Plus in the FED 3 and digitally with the GF1 but it didn’t seem to be as dramatic as I’d hoped like blue skies turning black while using orange etc.

I ate so much on Christmas day I managed to incapacitate myself, I literally couldn’t stand up. Disgrace.

One thing about living on a wee hill in the middle of ‘F’ all is the light. More often than not there was a beautiful light streaming through the windows in the early evening, stretching its long fingers over Bennachie.


Next up is the Ilford Delta pinhole stuff. I had a blast.
I went ape-shit too with the Ektar 100 blowing it all but hopefully I managed to get something good from it. I won’t see those until I get near a developing house.

I still have one more sheet of Delta 100 to do and one roll of 3200 film from the Mamiya and this time I aim to develop using the correct timings.

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