Night Flash

Shooting at night with the flash is a new sub-plot I’m starting to really get interested in.

At the moment it’s mostly inanimate objects and stuff like snow …

I’d like to try some street photography with the flash but I’m still finding the thought of it to be quite daunting.

I might start with really high speed film with no flash to start with just to get used to shooting at night.

I’m still obsessed with manually firing the flash with the shutter at bulb. In daylight or where there’s sufficient ambient light it isn’t such a good idea as you get nasty ghosting but at night on a street it might work ok.

I’ve also been wondering about getting some kind of remote flash rig but I’d really need something that can work with cameras that only have cold-shoes and PC cords.

If anyone out in deep dark internet knows of such a system please leave a comment on this or any other post.

That last one is particularly nasty but I was a wee bit tipsy from my works Christmas meal at the time.

I did take a few shots that night with a Smena 6 but its colour film and won’t be dropped off until later this week to be developed along with 3 other rolls of Fuji Superia, 10 sheets of 4×5 Ektar 100 and a roll of something or other C-41 in 120.

PS – something I’m selling on eBay has just reached £92 with three days still to go! At least it pays for the FPP parcel.


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