Booty on the Bounty

I’ve been a bit of a lucky bugger the past few weeks.

I’ve discovered some old equipment that’s been targeted for termination.

Usually its me that reads about how lucky someone has been regards stuff they’ve been given or have found.

As Roy Batty once said to Rick Decard, “now it’s my turn”.

One thing I have done, though, is donate a big lump of my findings to the Film Photography Project (see below). It was not cheap to send and when I confessed to the cost my wife put her head in her hands in shame. Can you get minus ‘Brownie Points’?

Four camera lenses including a Kodak Ektar lens for a large format BUT with a sticky shutter.

A Weston Master 4, Gossen colour meter which I believe measures colour frequencies (?).

Four enlarger lenses and a TV lens (sorry Michael) and a Polaroid roll film back that takes type 40 film.

To finish off there’s a Leitz Wetznar microscope photography lens, of which I’m selling two others on ‘The Bay’, and three rolls of Kodak Ektachrome 100 Plus.

I really hope it’s of some use to them, to use/giveaway or to sell.

When I got to my parents house at Christmas I found a Praktica TL3 SLR camera in the loft with two additional lenses.

The lenses were in a bad way though, lots of scratches, but one was a Carl Zeiss lens (oooh!).

The Praktica camera itself has a busted shutter-cock mechanism. Will I attempt to fix it? Do I have the first clue where to start? ‘No’ should be the answer to these questions.

Hopefully the four items I’m selling on ‘The Bay’ will do well to cover the cost of posting the FPP stuff and help me come closer to affording a large format camera if only in a perfect world (not likely).


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