Pinhole Update

I’ve developed quite a few negatives now and I like the results very much.
There’s been a few mishaps but all in all I feel much better about shooting with it and developing.

As I said there’s been a few mishaps like using the Taco Method and not curling the negative with the emulsion on the inside (see above). Another mishap was forgetting to put the spindle holder (the black centre rod) into my Paterson tank which light seals it. Fortunately it was only for a few seconds (see below).

These shots were all taken with the Harman Ilford Delta 100 that comes bundled with the camera. I’ve also taken a couple with direct positive paper but I’ve not gotten round to developing them. I’ll invest in a paper developer first.

I’ve also taken three using Kodak Ektachrome Pro 100 which I’ll get developed when I get back to Edinburgh maybe in the new year. I’m interested in seeing the 8 hour exposure I left running overnight in a low lit room, if there’s anything to see.


4 thoughts on “Pinhole Update

      1. Thanks for the info. Maybe the reason I had such a problem with pinhole is because I made mine from an oatmeal can.


        1. Wow! That sounds great!
          I first tried it with my micro 4/3 digital camera using tinfoil or kitchen foil. Not so good!

          I will try again soon though. Apparently it’s all about how clean the hole is.


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