FED X-tra, Harman Ilford HP5Plus 400ASA

More black and white.
I’ll probably stick mainly with black and white for a while longer though I do have some colour film loaded in other cameras here and there.

This is the second roll of three the last of which, HP5Plus 400ASA, was loaded into the FED 3 today. I must try some other black and white films to see how they run (any recommendations are very welcome!).

Development was again 7 minutes 30 seconds in stock ID11 then fixed for 5 minutes with Ilford rapid fixer (1+4) all at 20º with water washes between courses.

I thought I’d tried using ND filters (above), and used too many, but I now think this was a Hoya vignette filter I had lying around in my bag.

More to come I’m quite sure!


One thought on “FED X-tra, Harman Ilford HP5Plus 400ASA

  1. I really like these photos, the last one especially seems very surreal and almost has a creepy feel to it. I am going to be shooting primarily black and white for a while now also and I appreciate you sharing these images with us. Thanks.


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