Vice-roi et EKTACHROME

The Halina Viceroy is such a basic camera with very few options, f8 or f16 and 1/60 or Bulb with a fixed focal distance. It takes 120 roll film and I suspect you can also get an internal insert to half the square image since there are two windows on the back for two frames.

I really like this camera even when I’ve managed to screw up shots while in previous posts I’ve stated how difficult it is to screw them up.


Insch Woods


Night Shots
This truly isn’t the best camera for night shoots since it doesn’t support a cable release though it does have a PC slot for a flash. Bulbs only though.
Anyway, I persevered by holding the camera as still as I could.

The first shot below was a short exposure of only a few seconds but the frame below that was around 3 minutes in a freezing cold wind.

I still like this camera a lot.

4 thoughts on “Vice-roi et EKTACHROME

  1. Really nice results! The long exposures worked really well. I love the low angle of the bike shed one.

    It’s great when your options are limited and you can focus on all the other aspects of making the picture. I’ve got a really basic Kodak Brownie Cresta 3 that I got for about £5 on eBay, it’s got a fixed shutter speed and two aperture choices. It takes 120 film. Looking forward to giving it a run sometime.


    1. Thanks James.

      The Cresta 3 looks like one of millions of 127 cameras I see on eBay, I look forward to the results. Being limited is quite nice sometimes and certainly makes you think a bit more.

      Will you look for a flash with bulbs to go with it? I also saw that Michael Rasso of FPP has been shooting 35mm through his.


      1. I stumbled over the Cresta 3 whilst looking at the millions of cheap cameras on eBay and it stood out to me because it took 120 and not 620 (like the old Brownie box camera I have). A quick search through Flickr and I found some pretty descent images and so it seemed like a good candidate!

        Hmmm, not sure about the flash bulbs just yet, but from listening (and watching) FPP it does sound like fun. I’ll add it to my big list to try! :-)

        I finally got my blog up and running by-the-way, but there’s only one post on there so far… I’m still spending way too much time trying to figure out how to get a descent colour scan on the Epson (with minimum effort). It’s easy to mess it up!


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