Smena 6

This is my second run with the Smena 6 and this time I was a little more successful (due to loading the receiving film cannister correctly this time). I used FujiColor Superia 400ASA and mixed it up with manual flash portraits, long exposures and other landscapes.

The Smena 6, like the Smena Symbol and probably every other Smena camera is a viewfinder camera but with the Smena 6, like the 8M, you can easily take multiple exposures as the film wind-on is simply a knob like the Diana F+. This camera model was released around 1961-1969.

I took a few at Anna’s birthday party using manual flash. This is usually very much a hit and miss task of trying to guess how far I am from the subject and hoping the aperture width isn’t too wide although the minimum width is f16.
I have used this style with most of my other cameras.

One problem I have with this camera is I never really know if I’ve passed one frame or not. On this roll as well as the last I overlapped several images into a large mush pie [see chairs below]. I like mush pie but not always.

Although I generally see FujiColor Superia as cheap film I still enjoy some of the colours I get from it, when I manage to expose the film properly of course.


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