Pentax Portraits & Landscapes

This is my first run with 400ASA Lomography film and, y’know, I kinda like it. Not all of my long exposures were that great but I see that more as an error in my judgement than an error in the emulsion.

£15 for a pack of three or £5 a roll is OK I guess, its not outrageous.

Here are some short exposures under ceiling lamp light. When I say short I mean around 6-10 seconds at a small aperture probably around f22 (ghost image of Anna in the first image below).

Below are the two best shots that came out from the night crossing shoot.
The winds were strong and the two other shots I took did suffer from shake.

These two shots were taken early morning on the way to work when the light was fairly low with very little warmth in the light. I should have kept the shutter open for longer.

The Lomo film looks decent enough to me. I recently finished another roll in my Olympus Trip 35, which I thought had a roll of Ilford in it, and one more to load and use.

I’ll save it as a refill for Christmas.



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