Gold Mine

Just yesterday afternoon I was shown a large array of ‘old photographic equipment’ that is now obsolete, as in not being used by the department, and may be noted for disposal.

I saw quite a lot of old ‘moving film’ editing equipment like film, film splicers and maybe some lenses but there were numerous other still photography lenses and accessories including a large format viewfinder.


First was a Cosina CSR 35mm camera. This looks quite modern with lots of auto-looking functions but the on-board lens was quite fast at f1.7


Kodak Ektar lens with a Prontor-SVS shutter. There was two of these and both were mounted on a board that looked like it could fit a 4×5 (or 5×4) large format camera. Slight slow at f7.7 though.


A Scneider Kreuznach Xenar Lens with a Synchro-Compur shutter also mounted on a board. I’ve heard that Scneider lenses are regarded as ‘good lenses’.


This is a collection of additional lenses that were lying loosely in the cupboard one of which is branded as Asahi which I believe re-branded as Pentax .


I think most people with an interest in old film cameras recognise the Leitz Wetzlar name but I believe this is for use with an enlarger.


This is a roll film back for Polaroid cameras but I don’t yet know much about it or which series it was designed for.

There was also a locked safe in that room and I’m hoping there’ll either be a Leica of some kind or a 4×5/5×4 camera to match these shutter boards.


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