Zoo Zeiss

A few weeks ago my family and I went to Edinburgh Zoo for Anna’s second birthday and on that trip I brought a couple of cameras with me (5 or 6) and I’ve finally managed to develop the roll that was in the Zeiss Ikon (Harman Ilford HP5Plus, 400ASA).

I did manage to lose one frame out of eight along the way and although they’re not exactly the best shots I could take I challenge anyone to try chasing one of these animals around a cage without auto-focus OR at least a rangefinder mechanism.

I was like – “er … 2 metres … um … 3.3 feet … wait this is metres right?”.

The B&W developing recipe is at the bottom.

I should mention I don’t have any Stop Bath or Hypo Fix so I used water in each case and only rinsed for around 5-6 minutes. All temperatures were very near 20ºC.

Below is a wee track by David Farquhar with whom I was in a couple of noisy bands before and during college.


2 thoughts on “Zoo Zeiss

  1. I think Hypo Fix just helps the negatives dry more evenly and without spots. I occasionally drop some washing up liquid in which I’ve heard does something similar, or I read it wrong, but I’m not sure it helps that much.


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