Polaroid Impulse, Impossible Project PX680

This is the Polaroid Impulse I bought for about £10 on ‘The Bay’.
One reason I bought this was to be able to use Impossible Project 600 film without having to faf about with filters and cd cases over the Magic Eye.

Using this Impossible Project ColorShade film is quite different from the SilverShade film I used recently as it seems to take at least 5 minutes to develop (or maybe longer).

I bought some Impossible Project PX680 ColorShade film also from ‘The Bay’ for about £16. I should say I looked into buying directly from the Impossible Projects own store but its WAY more expensive, they tack on at least £4 or £8 postage to the order where as the eBay seller I bought this pack from offered free postage.

I’ll say this, I really hope the Impossible Project do well and are able to stay afloat but I struggle to afford using integral film as my main film of choice.

I understand they’re planning on releasing their own camera range in 2012 and want to push the battery power out of the film packs and into the camera, which makes a whole lotta sense, and see the battery in the pack as an avoidable extra cost (and be able to fit more than 8 shots per pack). But what does this mean for all us Polaroid camera users?

There’s an excellent interview (embedded below) on the Film Photography Podcast show number 48 if you’re an Impossible Project fan.


2 thoughts on “Polaroid Impulse, Impossible Project PX680

    1. Yeah, I’m the same. I know that what I’ll get form the Impossible Project will be really interesting but it won’t be as clean as a 35mm, 120 or any other kind of film.


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