Film Friday

Friday morning I headed out to Portobello beach with the Harman Ilford Titan Pinhole Camera, Smena 6, FED 3, Zeiss Ikon Nettar, Polaroid Impulse and the GF1. It was freezing cold and I quickly lost the feeling in some of my toes and fingers.

I took 4 shots with the Pinhole camera, two with Ilford Delta 100 and two with Ektachrome 100. I’d loaded the Ektachrome at home before I left but really struggled loading the Delta 100 in the dark bag on the beach. My fingers were frozen by that time.

I bought the Massive Dev App and this was the guide I used to develop these negatives:

I used stock ID11 but I might make a diluted solution. I also made a litre’s worth of Rapid fixer at 1+4 (250ml of Rapid Fixer with 750 of water).

I don’t have stop bath or Hypo Clear so I just washed the negatives in water for those steps. I also went on to develop two more rolls of film I had lying around, a roll of HP5+ 120 and an old roll of Ilford 127 from 1958.

I’m not sure how I’m going to scan a whole 4×5 negative but below I scanned what I could with my Epson scanner.

I still have a lot of film to finish off in the FED 3, Smena 6 and Nettar and film to develop like the roll of 35mm film from 1959, a roll of old c22 process 127 colour film and some modern slide and b&w in a few sizes.

A heck of a lot more to come!


3 thoughts on “Film Friday

  1. Just when I think I don’t need a smartphone, I see this post and it has a developing app. If I still had darkroom access, that would be a selling point. Nice work on this post and the others I skimmed to make sure I wanted to subscribe.


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