Those Hills out Back

I initially started this photography blog to investigate how forgetful I’ve been with regards to the photography classes I took at school and art college and to cover my interest in street style photography.

The past 4-5 months I’ve managed to be working on sites that will almost totally guarantee I’ll be no where near busy streets of people or any other stuff I might like to shoot. Then came the hills.

I’ve been looking at these bloody things every day under different lighting conditions and although they’re fairly boring I’ve finally managed to be taken in by them and fired of many many shots, film and digital.

Here is a sample:

That lot were mostly taken by the Panasonic GF1 bar two by a Bencini Koroll 2. If the films I have still to develop turn out there will also be shots taken by a Smena 8, FED 3, Zeiss Ikon Nettar and there’s also a Polaroid lurking in my bag somewhere too.


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