Neutral Density: Achievement Unlocked

My stupidity is often impressive and occasionally astounding. I forgot to cancell an order with for two ND filters that were out of stock at the time of purchase and bought another two from Amazon. I now have three ND8 and one ND4 filters, and guess what I did?

Yes, I tried out some long exposures with four ND filters chained up on the end of my GF1’s 14 – 42mm lens.


I started off with a long exposure of my bathroom sink with running water:

13 sec at f22, 800ASA


I then took a shot of the bath and toilet in black and white:

60 sec at f22, 800ASA


Then again in colour (colour corrected in Aperture due to the horrible murky tints from the four ND filters):

60 sec at f22, 800ASA


Now I’ve included Anna having a massive temper tantrum in the bath:

60 sec at f16, 800ASA

I’m off on annual leave this Friday so I’m planning on heading down to Portobello beach or somewhere similar to shoot some waves with everything I have with film or virtual film. I’ll also be taking my dark bag to reload my 4×5 holder with the film I just got from ‘The Bay’.

Roll on Friday!


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