I had high hopes this weekend to shoot lots of film and start developing black and white, turn Coke to Pepsi and finally make world peace a reality.

Well, I’m managing to do the first part ok but still no developing yet I’m afraid. I do have my packet of ID11 developer, Rapid Fixer, a measuring jug and one Kaiser collapsable bottle with me but I’m not sure I’ll do anything tonight. I’m still recovering from massive sleep loss from the past few months plus I’ve just woken up from falling asleep after my dinner.

Shooting Repertoire
The Bencini Koroll 2 has the second roll of 3200ASA film which I can almost guarantee will be overexposed (which makes a change).

In a woodland area in Insch Aberdeenshire I finished off a roll of Ektachrome 100 Plus in the Viceroy that’s been lurking in my bag for what feels like four years and I took a few shots with the Nettar with Kodak 100ASA PRN film.

So far I’ve taken four 4×5 shots with the Titan Pinhole camera and I really hope the shot of the train carriage comes out (see below). Two shots on Ilford Direct Positive paper, which I’ve later discovered to be rated 3ASA, and two with Ilford Delta 100ASA sheet film. The Titan camera’s aperture rating is apparently f206 so I might be able to use my pocket lightmeter to gauge more accurate readings.

Of course I’ve been blasting the GF1 Uzi as usual but I’ll post some of those shots in another post.

Train Carriage

My family and I used to live in Insch when we moved up to Aberdeenshire from West Lothian as my dad was in the oil industry and ran a couple of oil platforms off-shore. He’s fine, by the way, giving the nurses a run for their money like the last time he was in ARI for his hernia.

Back to Edinburgh tomorrow!

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