The Harman Ilford ‘Titan’

It’s finally here and I’m now starting to feel concerned about how I’m going to use it having never been near a 4×5 (or 5×4) camera let alone shot with one. I will add to that my concerns about black and white developing despite blasting through two C-41 kits (averaging around 20-30 120/35mm/127 rolls per kit) and reading about some B&W guys concerns that C-41 sounds ‘difficult’.

I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll be wondering what I was all ‘worked up’ about but until then …

Here’s what the kit looked like when I un-boxed it:

The pinhole camera itself is made by Walker Cameras. It feels light but very sturdy and well constructed.

The camera with a Fidelity double dark slide in place and a shot of the accessory shoe and one of the spirit levels.

The kit comes with two boxes of paper, one of which is a direct positive paper the other box is a paper negative, and one box of Delta 100 negative film.

This is the exposure calculator they provide. Its a pretty basic construction and it’ll probably do the job really well but I’d love to see an interactive iPhone/Android version if its not already in development similar to Pocket Lightmeter.

I aim to take this and my Ilford ID11 developer & Rapid fixer up north with me this weekend and try to develop with some peace and lots and lots of quiet!


3 thoughts on “The Harman Ilford ‘Titan’

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment.
      To see what I’ve done with the Titan just check out my flickr set or read the other posts I’ve made about it.



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