Finally, It’s on Its Way!

I just got confirmation that the Harman Ilford Titan Pinhole Camera Kit has been shipped, apparently it’ll arrive Thursday 1 December (but more likely Friday).


I have just received a text from Parcel Force, the camera will arrive Thursday 1 December!

In other news, I blew around £80 on a Polaroid back for my Mamiya Press Universal. Yes, that is pretty stupid but … it’s Polaroid and FP-100C can fit in it!?!

On another note, my Dad is going in for a little bit of surgery this Friday so I’ll be out and about in Aberdeenshire Friday/weekend to look after my Mum. At least I’ll have a different kind of scenery to shoot (middle of nowhere).


4 thoughts on “Finally, It’s on Its Way!

  1. Do you here that…. That is the sound of jealousy! I have read a lot about the Harmen pin hole but at the moment it is very far off for me.
    To my great shame I lived in Aberdeen for years and seen very little of the surrounding area. I would love to get back over with my camera.
    I hope you dad is alright……


    1. Hey! You don’t know what you’re not missing in Aberdeenshire!
      But seriously though, it is quite pleasant and at least i should get a couple of nights sleep with no interruptions for the first time in at least a year. Literally.

      Like I said to James, its a minor op and should be out in a few days.

      Photos of my kit are on Flickr, I’ll have my dark bag with me up north so I should be able to take a few shots.



    1. Hi James. Thanks, it’s a minor op and he should be out Monday.
      I’m looking forward to trying out the Pinhole but at the moment, in hushed tones, hiding it from my other half. Not sure why though.


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