Filters and Stuff

I recently got the wallet out and purchased a couple of 52mm Neutral Density filters (ND8) to see if I can pair them up and do some long-ish day time exposures, £2.20 each on Amazonia.

I’ve heard that one ND8 filter only stops down the lens about 3 f-stops and 4 f-stops for an ND16 but I’ll see what sort of mischief I can get up to with these.

I also bought a 40.5mm – 52mm ‘Step-Up Ring’ so I can attach these filters to my M39 mount lenses (Jupiter 8 and Industar 61). This was more expensive at £4.95. Of course, using the +4 will be difficult since I can’t see through the lens but I could maybe get a feel for it with the GF1 body.

Even more purchases? Why of course!
Three rolls of 35mm Ilford HP4 at 400ASA (B&W) and one pack of Impossible Project PX680 gold edition with a gold frame, no less, to welcome the Polaroid Impulse Portrait into the family. Of course I’ve still got the Titan Pinhole camera to make an appearance once the folks I’m buying it from get more in stock.

That’ll do for now. I’m thinking of diluting my C-41 Stabaliser so I can mix up some ID11 then maybe try filtering out the silver from the Blix or Developer so I can get my bottles back into use.

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