Impossible Instax FP-100C

Yup, all three together like Samo Hung, Jackie Chan and Yeun Biao or Robert De Niro, Al Puccino and Al Puccino’s crazy hair or even Mo, Curly and Larry (-Shemp).

– Impossible Project, PX600 Silver Shade
– FujiFilm FP-100C ‘Silk’
– Fuji Instax Mini

These are the only instant photo mediums I’ll probably be using these days. I tried some expired original Polaroid film but it looked like pressed jobbies so I doubt I’ll try that again unless I happen upon some for cheap.

I should point out at this point I bought a new Polaroid camera on ‘The Bay’ for £13 including delivery, a Polaroid Impulse Portrait. It’s similar to the OneStep except it has a built in flash, has a 116mm lens at f/9, fixed focus from 4 ft – infinity with a slider that swaps it to 2ft – 4ft and can take the 600 speed film better than the OneStep.

Here’s the pitchers:

Polaroid OneStep – Impossible Project, PX600 Silver Shade
The worst part with this film/camera combo was the two shots that fired off when the OneStep was in my bag and when I leaned against it as I sat beside it. There’s another shot somewhere but I think it was a major ‘fail’.

Polaroid 104 Land Camera/Mini Portrait – FujiFilm FP-100C ‘Silk’

Diana F+ with InstaBack – Instax Mini


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