Low Light/Long Exposure – GF1

Lately I’ve been trying a lot of low light experiments with the external digital shutter-release of course with mixed results at first but I think I’m getting near to something interesting now.

I went out and about and in and around, mostly using the ghastly manual focus on these Lumix lenses which is always unpleasant but I like some of these shots …

This looked like a film set or something with the false light
– 20sec at f22, 400ASA

Room redecoration – 6sec at f22, 400ASA

Room redecoration – 8sec at f22, 400ASA

Room redecoration – 6sec at f22, 400ASA

Room redecoration – 30sec at f13, 400ASA

Anna’s Cot – 1min 20sec at f22, 400ASA

Crossing – 30sec at f22, 400ASA

Crossing – 3.2sec at f7.1, 400ASA

Crossing – 3.2sec at f5.6, 400ASA

Crossing – 3.2sec at f9, 400ASA

To accompany many of these shots I also had the Pentax K1000 loaded with some Lomo 400ASA film both at home and out at the crossing.
I typically followed similar exposures to the GF1 (30 – 40 seconds at f22) but since the lens on the Pentax is larger the timings and aperture sizes will differ somewhat so they’ll either be under or over, maybe over.

I remembered I had my Halina Viceroy in the bag so I shot a 3 minute exposure by the crossing at f16 on 100ASA film. I don’t think 3 minutes is long enough but I’m sure I’ll find out.


One thought on “Low Light/Long Exposure – GF1

  1. I really love the first image – superb composition and a really strange and eerie feeling to it. The first crossing image is very cool too.
    The size of the lens on your K1000 won’t affect the exposures, as long as you’re using the same ISO film, shutter speed and aperture…. Looking forward to seeing the film results!


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