Zoo, GF1 like an Uzi

For Anna’s second birthday we decided to take her to Edinburgh Zoo to see some “guckie’s” (Monkeys) in person.

I took with me the following cameras:
– Polaroid OneStep, PX600 Silver Shade
– Zeiss Ikon Nettar, Ilford HP4, 400ASA
– Halina Viceroy, Ektachrome 100 Plus
– FED 3, FujiColor Superia 400ASA
– Panasonic DMC-GF1 with these lenses:
– Lumix 14mm-42mm, Lumix 45mm-200mm, Industar 61 and Jupiter 8

To say I went absolutely nuts with the GF1 is a serious understatement.
I uploaded 49 photos from the day and that wasn’t all of them. This is me trying to be conservative.

I shot mainly in black and white using a custom film mode where I set the contrast to high and some other settings I can’t remember and gave the 45mm to 200mm lens some action for a change since most inhabitants were hiding away in corners.

I haven’t been near a developing house so none of my film has been developed and I have no C-41 developer left with three rolls ready to go and a couple of Polaroids to scan.

Here we go for a super long list of Zoo photos …

I think I like the b&w portrait better … hmm, not sure.

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